At Frederick's Organic Land Care we organically treat Athletic Fields, Parks, Pastures, Commercial Lawns and Residential Lawns.  Your field, park or lawn is a living system and like all living systems, unique.  To learn about your unique property, we test your soil to see what is missing or broken and we work to fix it.  We will set goals that will help your turf be more disease tolerant, require less water, grow deeper roots and retain a dark green color without excessive growth. We only use OMRI Certified Fertilizers and Soil Amendments.  Not only is this the healthy way to treat your lawn, it is the safe way for everybody and everything.    


Site Analysis

On the first visit to your property we will gather the needed information to begin the analysis of your lawn’s health.  While walking your entire property, we will assess the soil type, specific problem areas, and type of weeds.  Then we will take a soil sample.  The soil sample will be sent out to a third party for chemistry analysis.  A second soil test will be done by us.  We will analyze your soil under a microscope for a biological analysis. The cost of these two tests is a one time fee of $85.  The results of these steps will allow us to develop a seasonal treatment plan designed specifically for your property.


 Lawn Care

  The key to lawn care is to understand your lawn’s turf density.  When there are bare areas in your lawn Mother Nature will find something to put there - weeds.  In addition to healthy soil, we want to achieve maximum turf density that will allow the grass to out compete any weed pressures.  Just because we are Organic doesn't mean that we settle for a less than quality lawn.  

 Most of our seasonal treatment plans consist of two organic fertilizer treatments, one soil amendment and two to three biological applications.  If your lawn has less than 75% grass.  We recommend a deep core aeration followed by a good thatching and slit seeding.  Your lawn’s overall plan will depend on your soil tests and how much turf density it has to start with.  

 Throughout the season our Accredited Organic Lawn Care Professionals will monitor your lawn to ensure we are meeting our goals, tweaking your plan as needed.  


Services We Offer:  

* 6 to 8 step Organic Lawn treatment program.

* Core Aeration and over seeding.

* Thatching and Slit seeding.